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Main theme for 'Universe Divided' - Icarus (Michael McCann, Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

Thought I'd take the time to announce a new fanfiction, called "Universe Divided".

Universe Divided Title Card by benoski

When I created my first Ultimate Squad back in August, two of my friends hear of it and decided to join in. Together, we created 15 teams (the last two will be revealed as soon as I can grab an OC model for GMod, since #15 introduces a new original character!). One of my friends, who made Teams 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15, thought about doing a story, in which our squads are at war with each other. I thought it's time to make that fantasy happen.

So basically, it's our teams fighting one another in a universe where all video game/comic/TV/film franchises all existed as one. However, it won't be a free-for-all. Rather, It'll be three armies, each comprising of the teams that we made. I will come out and say that not everyone will have a happy ending. Expect some deaths, although I'm not saying who! I also CAN'T guarantee that EVERYONE will appear, so don't complain if you think that not everyone's getting exposure.

Here are the armies, and which teams are included with which one:

Army 1 (Mine)
- Team #1
- Team #4
- Team #7
- Team #10
- Team #13

Army 2 (:iconshadowoblivion2025:'s Army)
- Team #2
- Team #5
- Team #8
- Team #11
- Team #14 (Coming Soon!)

Army 3 (Another friend's army, whose name will remain unspoklen!)
- Team #3
- Team #6
- Team #9
- Team #12
- Team #15 (Coming soon!)

Here's a quick sneak peek of what you can expect from 'Universe Divided'!

Universe Divided - Spying on the Enemy by benoski


benoski's Profile Picture
Ben Walker
United Kingdom
An 18 year-old currently getting started in the GMod posing business.

Also working on two fanfictions:

- Alliance
- Contact Haileron

I also take GMod Requests. Feel free to ask! :)

If you like what I create and want to see more, then please support me in any way you can!


My Third Zombie Apocalypse Team by benoski
My Third Zombie Apocalypse Team
Original template by :iconoreopata:. Check it out here!

Figured I'd do another ZAT just for fun!

Team Leader: Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)  - There are many reasons how Sonya achieved the rank of General in Special Forces. Her job will be to manage the team and keep them in check for survival, even if that means being strict sometimes.

Brawler: Ryu (Street Fighter) - One of the most powerful fighters in video game history, Ryu can quite easily plough through a mob of zombies whenever he wants to!

Weapons Expert: Grayson Hunt (Bulletstorm) - Not much I can say really, since everyone here uses guns, but Grayson's speciality is his Leash, which he can use to throw the undead around like they were toys!

Brains: EDI (Mass Effect) - She's an A.I in a sexy body. What more can I say?

Medic: Jodie Holmes (Beyond: Two Souls) - Gifted with Aiden, a spirit that's been with her since birth, Jodie's gone through a lot, even becoming a feisty fighter for the C.I.A. at one point in her life. Aiden is useless against zombies, since they are already dead, but Jodie can use him to heal others and scout out ahead for alternative routes.

Scientist: Issac Clarke (Dead Space) - Even though he's not TECHNICALLY a scientist, he's still an engineer, so that counts in my book. He's fought monstrosities before, so he knows what's going on.

Get-away Driver: Franklin Clinton (Grand Theft Auto V) - There are quite a few characters that I can think of, but given the nature of GTA, it makes sense if I include a GTA character. I chose Franklin specifically because of his special ability, and the fact that he can drive anything (like every other GTA character).

Morale Booster - Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) - Survived TWO Hunger Games and helped lead a rebellion against the Capitol. Katniss is as much as a speaker than she is as a fighter. She will try and convince everyone to work together to survive as it's possible to return to a normal life once the apocalypse blows over.

Speed Fighter - Kyle Crane (Dying Light) - A parkour expert who's survived the zombie apocalypse before, even when he was bitten. He'll still need Antizin to counter the infection, but whenever he's capable, he's capable in a very helpful manner.

Demolitionist - Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause) - Rico's job is to blow stuff up. Not all the time though, but when he does, he does it in a spectacular manner.

Mascot - Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool (Marvel Comics) - I think it's obvious that he's one of the best examples of a mascot. He's insane, but in delightful ways. He's one of the best mercenaries that money can hire, so there's that. Some of the characters (especially Sonya) will question his insanity, though. Oh, and did I mention that he can't die?

Guy who dies first - Richard L. Jenkins (Mass Effect 1) - This guy died in a really silly way. I can picture his death in my head: He rushes into a mob of zombies to buy the group time to escape. He kills a lot of them, but he ends up being surrounded and.... Well.... I think you know the rest.

Liked this team? Feel free to check my other ZATs out!

Team # 1
Team # 2

I own NOTHING. Copyright goes to respective owners!
"The choices I've made... The people I've lost... The battles I've fought... These things, along with my instincts, helped me survive in a world where humanity is no longer the dominant species to exist.

Twenty years ago, an incident occurred at the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. I was born there, and I was forced to watch as my home was nuked to oblivion. My parents died, but my elder brother and I survived. The aftermath was far worse as it was, in a way, the end of civilization as we knew it.

A multi-dimensional empire called the Combine invaded our world via numerous portals that suddenly opened up around the world. We fought as hard as we can, but despite our courage, our strength, our will to defend what's ours, we fell to their mercy within seven hours. The surrender was signed in New York by Wallace Breen, Black Mesa's administrator, and as a reward, he was made the administrator of the Combine's forces on Earth. A suppression field was also established worldwide, which resulted in our inability to re-produce. Life however, continued on as normal, but under the rule of an alien species, it was difficult. We're all struck by loss of family and friends, and lived in complete and utter darkness while there was no hope for salvation.

Some chose to give up their previous lives and accept the ones given to them by our new rulers. Others chose to fight back against our benefactors and try and take our world back from them. I chose the latter option, and joined the Resistance shortly after a tragedy that befell me.

The Resistance believed in Gordon Freeman, a scientist at Black Mesa who helped rappel the invasion of the Xen at the Black Mesa incident. Shortly afterwards, he disappeared, never to be seen again. Without him, we had no hope when the Combine attacked and took civilization from us. Some believe that we'll see him again someday, but until then, we continue to fight.

Today, I'm starting to lose faith. There's been no sign of Freeman, and we are slowly losing our war against the Combine. However, I'm starting to feel a sense of hope. Maybe not on Earth, but from beyond the stars.

My name is Benjamin Walker, and this is my story..."
Alliance - Prologue
A short prologue for my fanfiction!


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