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Prepare for a Snowball Fight! by benoski
Prepare for a Snowball Fight!
Here we have some characters getting ready for a snowball fight. I would've put some action into this screenshot, but I'm not that skilled at posing yet. Hoepfully, I'll do one next year.

(Characters in this photo in no particular order)
- Spectre (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City)
- Beltway (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City)
- Ellie (The Last of Us)
- Kat (DmC: Devil May Cry)
- Alan Wake (Alan Wake)
- Keira Stokes (F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin)
- Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
- Issac Clarke (Dead Space)
- Regina (Dino Crisis)
- Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)
- Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
- Regina (Dino Crisis)
- Zoey (Left 4 Dead)
- Lightning Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)
- RC-1262 "Scorch" (Star Wars: Republic Commando)
- Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs0
My Alien Apocalypse Team by benoski
My Alien Apocalypse Team
Template by :icondoctorwhoone: - Find it here.
Saw this meme recently and decided to give it a shot. This was some fun making. 

Team Leader - Commander Shepard (Mass Effect): This guy/lady lead a suicide mission, came back alive AND stopped galactic extinction! There's no doubt that he/she has tons of experience in leading a team.

Mascot - Claptrap (Borderlands): He may be annoying, but Claptrap can be helpful at times, being a robot.

Baddass - Gordon Freeman (Half-Life): I stand by what I said back in my Ultimate Squad. Gordon's character proves that you don't need to talk to be a badass. It all depends on your feats, and Freeman had performed impossible feats that few characters have done.

Tactician - EDI (Mass Effect): Being an AI, EDI's the brains of the group. She is also combat effective after taking control of the body of a dead Cerberus operative.

Resident Dumbass - Wade Wilson A.K.A. Deadpool (Marvel): With the inability to die, Deadpool's a very capable character. People might not find his insanity tolerating, though.

Vehicle Specialist - Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs): Aiden's one of the best drivers in Chicago, and his phone allows him to find shortcuts.

Explosives Expert - RC-1262 "Scorch" (Star Wars: Republic Commando): Being a clone commando, as well as being trained since birth, Scorch is one of the most capable soldiers in the group, if not THE most capable. His love for explosives will help the team, and some will appreciate his sense of humour.

Tech Specialist - Tali'Zorah vas Normandy (Mass Effect): Her race created one of the most intelligent species in the Mass Effect universe, and Tali herself is a tech savvy. She's even created her own pet drone to assist her in the heat of combat.

Weapons Expert - Tony Stark A.K.A IronMan (Marvel): One of the smartest beings on Earth, Stark's resources allow him to construct dangerous weaponry and other gadgets. He's even created his own suit of armor to fight supervillans.

Melee Specialist - Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed II): Ezio's training as an Assassin makes him the go to person when it comes to hand-to-hand combat or similar situations. His hidden blade makes him a deadly individual. You won't see it coming until it's too late.

Medic - Isabelle "Izzy" Sinclair (FUSE): Her Shattergun can make quick work from enemies, but more importantly, her Med Beacons can allow her to heal others from a distance.

Marksman - Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect): Garrus' sniping skills are razor sharp, and he's also a Turian who can take a lot of endurance.

Stealth Expert - Corvo Attano (Dishonored): His powers (such as teleportation and time freezing) make Corvo the ideal person for taking stealth missions.

Scout - Barry Allen A.K.A. The Flash (DC Comics): Being one of the fastest superheroes in media, The Flash can easily escape dire situations, and can get from one place to another without breaking a sweat. The perfect member for a scout mission.

First Blood (And I'm talking first to DIE) - Conrad Verner (Mass Effect): A big fan who idolizes Commander Shepard, Conrad will do anything in order to please him/her. Even if it means signing up as a soldier and going in without ANY combat experience. He's a dumb person who's waiting to get shot.
It's been four months since I released Chapter 8 in my crossover fanficition. If you haven't read any of it, then feel free to start with Chapter 1 here.

I'm sure you're all wondering "Where the hell is Chapter 9?". Well, I can assure you that I will release Chapter 9 soon, and here's an outlook of what's to come in Alliance:

- Chapter 9 (which will be out sometime this week!) will be called 'The Plan'. It's going to be my longest chapter to date, and it would have Ben returning to City 17 and meeting up with Barney Calhoun to discuss how the rebels will attack the Citadel. I'm also introducing another original character to the story as well.

- The next few chapters will run parallel to the second half of Half-Life 2's story (The Battle of City 17), as well as the events of Half-Life 2: Episode One.

- I'm aiming for 30-40 chapters in this fanfiction (HOPEFULLY).

- I also plan to make Alliance into a series, with at least five fanfictions. 'Rise of the White Knight' will be the second in the series and will foretell Ben's evolution from new recruit to one of the most respected warriors of the Alliance. The next three will be (in order) 'Zero Hour', 'The Rebel Purge' and 'Unification'.

Is there anything you would like to see happen in the fanfiction? Any events you would like to see play out? Any characters you want added? Let me know in the comments! :)


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Ben Walker
United Kingdom
Note: I'm willing to take requests for GMOD screenshots! Feel free to send me a PM!

A 17 year-old currently getting started in the GMod posing business.

Also got a GMOD comic currently in VERY early stages of development.

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