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After a battle over Dantooine and a narrow escape from General Greivous, Captain Rex finds himself alone in an uncharted jungle. However, a transmission from an Unknown source presents him with an opportunity to make an ally in this time of need...


The sound of a rock hitting the escape pod's hull woke the captain up. He'd blacked out after being tossed about, only to be saved by the pod's inertia dampener activating. The 501st had tracked General Grievious down to the Dantooine system and thought they had him cornered, only to be corrected by the awaiting Separatist fleet. They'd fought a hard battle, out numbered two to one, but eventually they were overwhelmed. Many of the 501st's ships were able to escape, but Rex's wasn't one of them. In fact, Greivous himself boarded the ship to see to the end of the ship and its crew. The ship was scuttled and the crew sent to the pods to flee to the planet below for pick up. Rex had nearly gotten killed protecting a group of techs and recruits who were cornered by Grievious and his Guard. A well placed grenade and the General's short temper allowed the group time to flee, leaving Rex and Grevious alone on the dying ship. The last pod was surrounded by dead clones and charred droid chassises, ironic considering it was a chance for survival surrounded by death.

Rex rolled over and pushed himself upward. He felt around for his pistols, blindly grabbing anything within reach of his hands. He was concussed, and could barely see, let alone see straight. When he finally found his footing, the captain stumbled from the pod and was immediately blinded by the shining sun. He leaned on the wall next to him, hazily searching for the first aid kit that was attached to it. He was able find the box, open it and give himself a shot of bacta before he could black out again.

Now able to think, see and walk without hindrance, Rex climbed from the sideways pod to face a dense jungle. He checked his communicator to see if anyone was left. It seemed broken but, the captain got it to function, granted barely.

"All Republic forces, this is Captain Rex. If you're receiving this transmission, switch to comm channel Omega. Repeat, if you are receiving this, switch to comm channel Omega."

Rex switch to the channel and waited for a response. There was nothing so far, but he wasn't giving up. There had to be at least someone left out there. A Jedi, Clone, or even an ally of the Grand Army, just someone. 30 minutes went by, and he sent his broadcast again. Another 30 minutes, and another broadcast, another and another and another. Suddenly, after 2 hours, as Rex was about to abandon his search. a scrambled tramission came in.

"Thi-*bzzzzt*-Fordo. Friendly forc-*bzzzt*-down or MIA. We are bein-*Bzzzt*-run! Repeat! We are-"

What followed next was an explosion, followed by assortment of scrambled sounds. Blaster fire and an ominous, machine-like buzzing sound, and frenzied footsteps. The sender of the transmission....Fordo? Rex had heard that name before, but where? It didn't matter, a potential ally is in trouble.

"This is Captain Rex of the 501st, I copy! Where are your coordinates?"

"753 Nor-*bzzzt* 627 West, proceeding south! Be advised, unknown hostile forces are in pursu-*bzzzt*"

"Copy that, hang in there!"

Rex knew that his contact didn't have much time. The situation was dire, and the enemy was right on the contact's heels. Grabbing as much ammo, and gear as he could carry, Rex checked his own coordinates to find out how far he was from the transmission's broadcast location. 468 North, 611 west. The contact was close! Luck seemed to be on the Captain's side, and he took full advantage of it. Rex rushed from the derelict pod and toward the coordinates given by his new contact. He just hoped he could make it in time...
Contact Halieron - Chapter 1
Here is the first chapter of :iconspencerpootis320:'s fanfiction. Enjoy!
Sev and Scorch - Brothers in Arms by benoski
Sev and Scorch - Brothers in Arms
Thought I make a screenshot with two of my favourite characters in games; RC-1207 "Sev" and RC-1262 "Scorch" from Star Wars: Republic Commando. Seriously, these two are one of the reasons why I loved the game. I'm one of those people who wishes that a sequel releases one day, but I doubt it.

There is a pile of droids behind the duo, if you look carefully.

Made in Garry's Mod, and edited in Photoshop. Map is Judecca.

I do NOT own anything. Copyright goes to respective owners.
I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone here! 2014 has been a decent year, but I'm hoping next year will be better! I will upload a deviation celebrating the day tonight!

On the other hand, I've been talking with :iconspencerpootis320:. The way we met is that he posted a text version of a team that he came up with, called Team Halieron. He wished for a meme version, but since nobody was bothered with this, I decided to give him a hand. 

Here is the final version.

He also had the idea of creating a fanfiction regarding his team. Being the Good Samaritan that I am, I decided to help again. We're calling it Contact Halieron, and I should have the prologue up in January. Stay tuned for more on this collaboration!


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Ben Walker
United Kingdom
Note: I'm willing to take requests for GMOD screenshots! Feel free to send me a PM!

A 17 year-old currently getting started in the GMod posing business.

Also got a GMOD comic currently in VERY early stages of development.

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